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Econo Space
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Econo Space Storage Solutions

Do you experiencing a shortage of storage space?

Econo Space Storage Solutions is a revolutionary space-saving storage system that transform waisted space into a practical, safe and an inexpensive store, helping you to manage your household, garden and office goods!
Easy to use and no ladder required! Econo Space Storage provides comfortable neat and tidy storage solutions for all your possessions!

Clear your home, office and garage of all the clutter.

Econo Space Storage Solutions is safe, simple, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and affordable. Can take a load of up to 90KG plus and is remote or switched operated.

Garage organiser

Organising your garage and keeping tidy has become easier with the new Econo Space storage solution. Storing tools as well as odds and ends that are not used frequently can be put into the storage box and retracted into the ceiling. With the simple touch of a button you can retrieve and store the items you want.

Household items & toys storage

Children can collect quite a lot of playthings. It's not long before they are all scattered through the house, and before you realise it you have storage problems. However, the storage of toys and the kid's playthings don't have to be a problem anymore. Simply lower the Econo Space Ceiling Storage, fill it up with all the toys & goodies and retract it back into the ceiling. Also pack away clothes and linnen according to season.
No Fuss, No mess, simple and safe storage!

The study or office storage solutions

Hassle of storing documents, files, books and odd pieces of material? We fill up our drawers, filing cabinets and desks, only to find we have no place left for other items that we need to keep in a safe place.
That's where Econo Space come to the rescue, simply load up the storage compartment with all your files, documents and books and retract it back into the ceiling; nothing could be simpler, safer and cheaper.

Guaranteed and Trusted Storage Solution!!
Store storage boxes, plastic containers and plastic storage bins great closet organizers helper solve home storage ideas.
This cheap storage and office storage solution help organize your home office pack away office storage boxes, storage containers for a long term storage probleme solving all office storage ideas.
Econo Space Saver or overhead ceiling storage, space organiser saving store kitchen storage space and is a room storage solution this quick storage idea and store space saver idea free-up home office and garage storage space.

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